24 hours


Saturday 12 noon, somewhere in Dillingen. A call to the ELEKTRA 24-hour emergency hotline. On the line, an agitated speciality steak caterer from Munich: the ventilation motor in his grill has a fault and he is expecting 190 guests to arrive at 5 pm.

What can be done? We ask for the motor type.


12:10 pm

The customer says the type is illegible and sends a photo.

12:15 pm

The motor is quickly identified as a pole-changing model. A quick clarification with a colleague and a remotely executed warehouse check.

12:30 pm

Result: The model is in stock, but it does not have a posistor.

12:40 pm

Our employee arrives on company premises, the motor is retrieved from the ELEKTRA warehouse and a posistor is installed.

13:10 pm

We set off in the direction of Munich.

14:30 pm

We arrive at the customer's site and replace the motor.

14:55 pm

The grill is fully functional and waiting for the guests to arrive.

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