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Our locations in the Stuttgart – Munich – Nuremberg triangle ensures short delivery times along with a highly-developed ELEKTRA logistics system with its strong partners. 80 percent of all ELEKTRA products are delivered the following day.

Our core competencies include excellent supply capacities and our technical expertise: 40,000 electrical motors, 8,000 coolant immersion pumps and many other articles are kept in stock at our warehouse, and configured individually as required – and this covers not just the type or model but also corporate design requirements. Same-day dispatch is generally available.

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Logistics is our business! The ELEKTRA high-rack warehouse covers an area of over 5,500 square metres and utilises ultra-modern barcode technologies. We have easy access to all articles in stock and can immediately give you a precise delivery date.

Subsequently, our specialist staff ensure that time requirements are further minimised: packaging, route optimisation and dispatch all run like clockwork. Shortly after the order or modification, your articles are already on their way. Delivery vehicles leave our loading bays several times a day.

That is how ELEKTRA keeps all areas of manufacturing running smoothly.
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